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Buying a Car Process

Step 1 - Contact us with a vehicle inquiry

Search our vehicle inventory and contact us with pricing and any other questions.

Step 2- Detailed information

Our team will provide you with with the total CIF cost (car price + insurance + ocean freight)

Step 3 - Invoice

Upon receiving confirmation, we send you an invoice.

Step 4 - Payment

Customers should send payment only to the following Global Standard Japan bank account:

Upon completion of payment, please send us a copy of your transaction confirmation by: 

Step 5 - Shipping your vehicle

Upon receiving payment confirmation we will immediately ship your car from Japan to the port nearest to the customer. 

Step 6 - Vehicle departs Japan

Once the ship has departed Japan with your vehicle we will send you all documentation. 

Step 7 - Pick up your vehicle 

Once the ship has arrived at it's port destination, please go to the and pickup your car. 

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