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Auction Agent

Why people choose auction agent?

Major auto auctions only deal with cars that have undergone strict inspections.

You can get the car with correct information.You can buy a car cheaply because there is no middleman cost of a car dealer.

You can choose from over 30,000 cars per week. You can find rare cars there.

What is different between auction agent and buy from car dealer website?

Car dealerships have a lot of operating expenses. As a result, the selling price of the vehicle increases. In addition, there are differences in the grades that indicate the condition of the car based on each dealer standards.

For auctions, a third-party inspector assesses the car. In addition, by purchasing from an auction, there is no intermediate cost, so we can offer it at a low price.

We have a member license of a major auto auction.

We are a member of Japan's leading auto auctions. These are rigorously tested high quality used cars. Our mission is to provide quality cars at affordable prices and quick export. We buy from auto auctions and ship directly to the export port, then export to your nearest port. Since there is no intermediate cost, So we can offer good cars at low prices.

The Auction Agent Process
​Step 1
Contact us with a vehicle inquiry request

Contact us with your inquiry and our auction agent specialists will carefully find you the vehicle that matches what you're looking for. 

​Step 2
Pricing and budget

Our auction specialists will be able to provide you with an estimated auction price for the target vehicle and work with your budget to find the best possible vehicle.

​Step 3
Receive auction list

After searching, we will provide 2-3 vehicles that match the target vehicle for your review.

We check all car inspection reports and choose the best quality and match.

​Step 4
Customer vehicle confirmation

Once we receive confirmation from the customer on the vehicle our auction specialists bid on your car. (*If the auction price goes over the agreed upon budget, we find new vehicle options and start the process again by sending the new vehicle options to the customer for review.) 

​Step 5
Buy the target car in auction

After winning and purchasing the target car in auction, we immediately transport the vehicle to port and start the export process. 


First Time Customers:

We require a $1000 USD to $5000 USD refundable deposit from all first time customers before bidding on a vehicle in auction.   


Payment information:

*Please understand that the shipping of your vehicle will not begin until your payment of the mutually agreed price is received in full. 

**Late or no payment will be billed at an additional $100 USD per week past the payment due date. 

The payment deadline for the vehicle is 10 days, including Saturdays and Sundays, from the date of purchase in auction.


Bank wire transfer (Telegraphic Transfer):
Please note that bank wire transfer is the only accepted payment method.

Beneficiary bank account (Our bank details):
All customers should send money only to the following Global Standard Japan bank account.

Upon completion of payment, please send us a copy of your transaction confirmation by email:


What is the shipping cost for the vehicle I want?
We are able to correctly share shippings costs with you once we are provided with the requested destination shipping port location. 

What is the expected delivery wait time for my vehicle? 
On average delivery typically takes about one month but may take longer or shorter depending on the final destination.

What the bank account info for transferring my payment?

It is written on the bottom left of the invoice. MUFG Bank is our main bank.​

Am I able to pay for my vehicle with credit card or paypal?

Sorry, we are only able to accept bank transfer at this time.

Do your staff inspect vehicles before bidding on them in auction?  

Yes, we carefully inspect all vehicles both before and after bidding. 

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